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Welcome to Meibion Elli

Meibion Elli was formed in 2019 by Mr David Eifion Thomas. 

Welcome Message from our Musical Director Mr David Eifion Thomas

I warmly welcome you to join our after lockdown reunion at the
Bethel Chapel (Seaside) at 7pm Thursday 17th June.  

Would you like to be a part of something very special ?

Meibion Elli is interested to meet potential new choristers.

If you can't make it next Thursday night please come along to one of our rehearsal nights, sample the atmosphere, and perhaps you may then want to join our Meibion Elli  family. 

Visitors are actively encouraged to attend our rehearsals on Thursday Evenings 7.00 - 8.45pm  Bethel Chapel in Seaside. 

Please help us to spread 'Meibion Elli Music' far and wide. 

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St Davids Day Concert 5th March 2020

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CLAI - Cream - Picture .jpg

Chairman: Mr Peter Thomas
Choir Master: Mr David Eifion Thomas

Venue: Llanelli Library

Please click below for introductions and evenings performances:

Meibion Elli St. Davids Day Concert 5th
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