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To help us keep our cost down,
Only available to purchase by bank transfer.
Bank Details: AlvaMLM Ltd. Santander Llanelli
Account Number: 97438255
Sort Code: 09-01-28

Important Notice to Suppliers.
Terms and Conditions:
AlvaMLM Ltd. resevers the right to market all of its CLAI products on Social Media Websites and Platforms, unless wriiten permission is granted.
A failure to comply with the above stipulation can result in the termination of the offending supplier's Trade Supply Agreement.

When to use Draig Balm Muscle Rub ?

Recommended for the relief of muscular pains and stiffness, including Back and Rheumatic Pain,
Sciatica, Fibrosis and Chilblains.
Can be used before and after exercise.

How does it work ?

Draig Balm generates penetrating warmth in aching, injured sore muscles.
Formulated with WelshClay, together with Seven Amazzing Essential Oils.
WelshClay is a cosmetic grade Kaolin clay mined within the Gwendreath Valley, Carmarthenshire, Wales in the United Kingdom
WelshClay has a 'Very High Iron Content'.
Iron oxygenates the blood within our bodies.
Oxygenated blood improves its circulation, thus helping the Heart to perform better and stay healthier.


CLAI Draig Balm 100ml x 10 .

  • FREE DELIVERY within mainland Scotland, England and Wales.

    Products are sent by our fulfillment centre, Kensett Ltd. 196 Old Shoreham Rd, Hove BN3 7EX

    All orders will require a signature.

    Please do not sign for damaged goods.

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